Policy & Booking Terms

Flanhult – An idyll by Lake Sommen

We want to welcome you to Flanhult and Lake Sommen and hope that you will have a wonderful and pleasant stay with us. The tenant is asked to carefully read and accept our policy and conditions for the rental.

Martin Hult, owner of Flanhult Kvarnstugan 831003 – ****.
Rental agreement is written after booking together with the tenant.

The minimum rental period is usually one week, Saturday to Saturday. Exceptions can be made to be flexible in arrival and departure dates. In that case, the rental period can be less than a week. Agreement is made between tenant and owner before arrival.

The tenant may not perform painting, wallpapering and similar measures without the landlord’s written permission.

In the rental, the tenant may dispose of the entire holiday home.

Locked spaces such as a wardrobe belong to private property for the landlord and may not be used.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to have a liability insurance, which is usually included in one’s home insurance. Any damage to houses and equipment that is not covered by insurance is reimbursed directly to the landlord.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to keep the property insured.

The tenant must take good care of and take care of the leased property. Should damage occur, the tenant bears the deductible.

The tenant may not, without the landlord’s written permission, transfer the tenancy of the property in other names.

Upon moving out, the tenant must hand over the property in a well-cleaned condition and return all keys. See the housing folder in the holiday home for information regarding cleaning.

Only household rubbish may be disposed of in rubbish bins. Other rubbish such as glass and metal etc. is driven to the nearest sorting station at Sandvik-Blåvik. (see map in housing folder)

Rental prices are divided according to season and are intended per unit per week from Saturday to Saturday (any exceptions can be made between tenant and owner). When booking less than one week, the full rental amount + deposit is paid immediately after the rental contract has been signed and submitted.

All reservations are made via – www.flanhult.se

Full payment must be made prior to arrival.
In case of bank transfer, 50% + deposit is paid in the booking fee no later than 10 days after our contact. The remaining 50% is paid no later than 30 days before arrival in Flanhult.

Payments must be made by bank transfer (SWIFT). When paying by bank transfer, the customer’s name and weekly number must be stated in the message.
You also have the option of reserving Flanhult with a credit card. No charge will be made until we have contacted each other.
Then a draw is made on the reservation fee + deposit. 30 days before entry, the next draw is made.
Registering your credit card also makes it easier to repay the deposit fee.
A payment link can also be sent out to the tenant if you do not have the opportunity to make a bank transfer.

The tenant has check-in from 14:00 from the booked date and departure no later than 12.00 on the day of departure. An agreement can be made unless no one else rents the property the following week.

Upon payment of the reservation fee, a deposit of SEK 1,500 is also paid.
This cost is refunded to the tenant after departure. In the event of any damage, an insurance case is made and the tenant bears the deductible. All damages, small and large, are reported directly to the owner.
When renting a rowing boat / motor, an extra deposit of SEK 1500 will be added.

Upon arrival, the tenant will find the property in a clean and tidy condition. Before departure, the tenant must perform final cleaning according to a checklist in the accommodation folder. You leave the cottage in good condition as you arrived. In case of insufficient cleaning, the deposit will not be refunded.

Pets such as cats and dogs are welcome at the property with the supervision and care of the tenant.

Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors and in the conservatory.

The tenant who rents is responsible for ensuring that his / her behavior is correct during the stay on the property. Should tenants not behave in a civilized and decent manner, the landlord or his / her representative has the right to evict immediately and compensation for damages caused by the tenant. No refund will be made.

The owner or his / her representative can withdraw any damage that occurs due to his / her property from the security deposit. If the deposit does not cover any damage, the tenant must pay the difference to the owner or his / her representative before departure

The homeowner or his / her representative reserves the right to enter the property for maintenance. This also applies to detached villas, houses and robotic lawnmowers.

It is a condition in these general terms and conditions that the customer has sufficient insurance coverage for the entire length of the stay.

The agreement must be signed, scanned and sent to info@flanhult.se together with the back and front of the tenant’s driving license. For electronic signing (Swedish citizens only), visit: https://signera.ebox.nu/. Upload the PDF file you receive in the confirmation email and save it. The same procedure must be done when paying by credit / debit card except for payment via bank.

Should the tenant for any reason cancel the booking, the following cancellation fees will apply: 25% of the reservation fee will be refunded + security deposit.