Torpön’s ferry terminal Mat & Camping
The meeting place for land & lake

Just three kilometers from the cottage you will find Torpön. Here you can have a good bite to eat with a cold beer or have an ice cream in the sun in their ice cream parlor.
For the adventurous, they also have a challenging high-altitude course and Zip-line. You will also find a nature room that shows Sommen’s wildlife.

The easiest way to get here is by ferry before turning in towards Flanhult.

The steamship s / s Boxholm II

Since 1904, the steamship has operated Sommen with regular trips. You are welcome to bring a coffee basket on board and food can be pre-ordered. See Boxholm II’s website for schedule.


Outside the summer cottage, the Östgötaleden meanders past. With winding paths and roads, on a day trip you can both jeopardize properly or just find peace in one of the windbreaks you find on the road.

Fishing in Sommen

Sommen is a rich lake of fish. The most common are perch, pike, trout and char. But pikeperch can also occur. You must have a fishing license to be eligible to fish. The easiest way to buy it is through .

For fishing at Stora och Lilla Jordgölen, you buy a fishing license here .

You also have the opportunity to rent a rowing boat with or without a motor.

Moose safari

Just as the lake is rich in fish, the forest is rich in animals.
A great tip is to take the car and go out on one of the forest roads that are available on moose safaris. It will be an exciting excursion and is very fun when the king of the forest appears.

Berries and mushroom picking

Around the house you will find miles wide with forest. Here you will find both mushrooms and berries for those who are eager to pick. The gold is in the woods … but, I’m not saying where! …


Sommen is a lovely and warm lake.
Just 100 meters in front of the cottage you will find a small headland where you can easily get into the water and also other bathing areas with beach are a few kilometers from the cottage.